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25 LinkedIn Facts and Statistics You Need to Share

Attending business networking events for me has often been a waste of time. It feels like speed dating without a happy ending. Too many people with business cards and nothing in common. The experience? Frustrating, fake and futile. Much snake oil and not enough authentic connecting. The social web has reinvented that desperate business networking. […]

4 AdWords Hacks That Could Dramatically Increase Your ROI Overnight

By now, you should be well aware of Google AdWords’ capabilities of scaling your business. If you use it effectively, it can improve your brand awareness and considerably boost your leads and revenue. The problem with AdWords is that it can be a bit expensive. There are so many factors that you need to consider […]

How To Fix User Experience (UX) Issues Before They Cost You Customers

User experience (UX) is arguably the most important component of a website or app. Nielsen Norman Group explains that it impacts every single element, and factors in heavily to a user’s perception of a brand. This affects everything from engagement and purchasing decisions to conversions and your brand’s overall bottom line. So, of course, you […]

Spreading Holiday Cheer With Thoughtfully Planned Content

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means that before you know it, your timeline will be sprinkled with the spirit of the season! As social media marketing professionals, it is our job to create content that performs well and stands out among all the other festive, holiday-themed content. So, before you get those jolly old […]

Is It Too Soon to Plan Your 2018 Social Media Strategy?

Let’s face it, we’re going to blink and it’s going to be 2018. In the social space, where things are (or appear to be) happening in the moment it’s still possible to plan and gauge where the trends are heading which simply means, it’s never too early to plan. Here are four quick ways to […]

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