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How to Use Your Product Catalog to Drive Online Purchases

With the number of digital shoppers in the US expected to reach 221 million next year, it’s important to find smart ways to remove barriers to purchasing. Facebook has made this doable with its product catalog feature, a container that stores all of your product information for display in personalized ads that let users start […]

The One Skill That You Need Need To Master in Content Marketing

Ignorance is bliss. The beginner strikes out and doesn’t see the dangers ahead. The novice driven by passionate curiosity doesn’t see the complexity of the task of mastery. It is just seen as an exciting adventure. But as they dive into the the complex ecosystem of subjects, technologies and thought bubbles that sat in and around the core, […]

Get Ahead of the Holidays with Your Social Media Strategy

I just saw a meme that said there are 15 Fridays until Christmas. Crazy, right? That means it is time to start figuring out your plan for your social media marketing initiatives for the end of the year. This post will walk you through things to consider as you get to planning. Prioritize Your Holiday […]

How I Generate 300,000 Unique Blog Visitors Per Month

Alright, so you’ve taken the plunge and decided to start your own website. Love it. It shows that you’re serious about your business. You may have even made some financial investments, via design or web hosting. Whatever it is, just know that the time you’re putting in, and the money you’ve spent will come back […]

Snapchat Maps and What You Need to Know

As social media continues to evolve, channels strive to increase their users by making updates to their platforms. Snapchat is a platform that continues to make updates in order to stay relevant as giants like Facebook/Instagram create features to rival them. Back in August it was announced that Snapcat acquired the location measurement company as […]

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