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The Best Ecommerce Platforms to Sustain Your Online Startup

The ecommerce arena is rapidly evolving. Every new trend quickly becomes a basic necessity for all ecommerce startups. So it makes sense that online retailers have increasingly high expectations of their ecommerce solution providers. Search engine optimization, good UX design and ability to customize still hold upmost importance, but trends like m-commerce (commercial transactions conducted electronically by mobile phone) and social commerce (the use of social networks […]

Social Media Round Up: Best in Class July 4th

As holidays roll around, it is a common pastime for social media marketers to see how other brands choose to celebrate or not celebrate through social content. Generally, brands need to walk a fine line in how they choose the leverage the holiday, as it can backfire quickly. This post takes a look at some […]

5 Smart Ways To Optimize Your Website For Mobile Search

Have you pondered the fact recently that less than 20 years ago there were no smartphones and the entire web was used only by desktop owners? Time flies, doesn’t it? And technology doesn’t stop for a tea break. The rapid development of mobile devices over the last ten years has changed the online landscape greatly. According to […]

3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Content Is Boring The Life Out Of People

You know it’s not realistic, right? Consistently creating super-engaging content that gets your audience’s pulse pumping, sends intellectual stimulation levels soaring, and generally blows the socks off readers every single time. I mean… it would be nice… sure. But it just isn’t realistically going to happen every time. Is it? Maybe it is, but you haven’t figured […]

10 Product Page Split Tests To Increase Your Ecommerce Conversions

In order to execute a successful pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign, a significant amount of split testing is typically involved. With Facebook ads, for example, you need to test the image, value proposition, call-to-action, headline, body text and audience for each ad. Because of the infinite number of combinations available to test, it often takes some trial and error […]

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