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Social Media Round Up – Halloweeners

Halloween is the holiday I look forward to most every year. Between the silly costumes to the scary movies and everything in between, it’s fueled by nostalgia and debates on whether Hocus Pocus is a great movie or not. (It is, don’t lie to yourself.) Brands over the years have had some great content that […]

7 Digital Marketing Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

I would have written you a shorter letter but I didn’t have the time. This quote attributed to many different sources sums up what we are facing in this now very complex world. But keeping it simple and short takes time and effort. Distilling the complex into something that makes sense in one sentence or […]

7 Common Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

There’s no denying it. With most email users using automated spam filters and emails getting sent directly into Gmail’s Promotions folder, the deliverability and readability of marketing emails has dropped drastically. Does this mean that email marketing is losing its edge as the most efficient B2B marketing strategy? No! In the B2B space, email marketing […]

Pumpkin Ale: ‘Gourd Riddance’ or ‘Beer to Stay’?

Every autumn, there’s a pumpkin spice arms race that even our pets are not immune from. One of the most-anticipated, or loathed depending on who you ask, is the pumpkin beer. I did a highly unscientific search on Untappd (the social media channel for beer) for “yam OR pumpkin” and was served 15,760 beer results. […]

Social Media Holidays: Can You Guess Which Ones Are Real?

Another day, another “holiday” on social media. You may think you’ve seen them all, so test your social media holiday knowledge on whether the examples below are real or fake. No Googling, no hashtag searching … no cheating. The answers are listed at the end of the post. Here we go! International Corgi Appreciation Day. […]

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