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10 Ways To Use Social Media for Crowd Sourced Marketing

We’ve always trusted family and friends for recommendations. Marketers are finding ways to combine this age old referral process with social media. It’s also called crowd sourced marketing. This is where the social media “crowd”, shares your content and conversations for free on a global web. According to a report by Nielsen, 77 percent of […]

Facebook Intentionally Breaking Apart | Social You Should Know

Facebook starts to break itself apart, Google+ searches for clarity around follower counts and Twitter buys Gnip, in this week’s Social You Should Know. What Will Facebook Look Like in Five Years? Facebook is taking the unusual step of breaking its core product into pieces. Soon, mobile users won’t be able to message people without installing the […]

5 Great Examples Of Facebook Timelines for Brands

5 Great Examples Of Facebook Timelines for Brands Have you considered how you could use Facebook Timeline in a way to further promote your business? Companies are starting to really think about how to use them creatively and it’s making them a lot more interesting. Check out 5 examples below of some cool things that […]

How to Reap Revenue from Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns: 3 Case Studies

Today’s social media marketing campaigns have a big job to accomplish for brands. They are a vehicle for consumers to discover new products and engage with brands, but companies now expect them to close the deal and drive revenue, converting an online audience into loyal customers. According to research compiled by MobStac in 2013, 78 […]

Giving Back is SIMPLE: Ignite Social Media Partners with Champions for Kids

Here at Ignite Social Media, we love giving. We love giving: high fives, kudos to our colleagues who’ve helped us out, and perhaps most importantly, giving back to our communities. Whether it’s pulling a plane, rescuing a dog, or picking up a few items to donate to a worthy cause, we do what we can […]

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