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Facebook Brand Page Reach Improves Slightly in January; Still Down 30% Since November

Our December 10, 2013 post, Facebook Brand Pages Suffer 44% Decline in Reach Since December 1 was discussed a lot in social circles, generating over 4,500 likes and nearly 2,000 Tweets alone as of this writing. We acknowledged at the time that the study was good because it used data from 21 different pages, but it […]

5 ways to use tactics to win in the social battle

The concept of winning comes down to one of two things; being smart, or being lucky. Call me pessimistic, but I just don’t believe that people ‘get lucky’. Despite what Daft Punk might think. If I ever win the euro millions, I may have a different opinion. But until that day, I’ll go with the […]

Social Media ‘Unlocks’ the 2015 Chrysler 200

We don’t talk too often about our own work on this blog, but we thought it would be nice to share a program that is active now for those who want to give it a try. A new product is a flagship moment for companies and marketers alike. When Chrysler Group came to us requesting […]

8 Tips for Driving More Potential Buyers to Your Website

8 Tips for Driving More Potential Buyers to Your Website Converting your website visitors into sales is what we all want if we sell products or services.  From experience we know that it’s a numbers game and if you are not getting the visitors you are not getting the sales. It is very likely that there […]

Pinterest Introduces Uniform and Smarter Pin It Button for Google Chrome

In November. I wrote a blog post establishing why Pinterest can be lucrative and effective social strategy for brands, between rich pins and high conversion rates. While some brands choose not to have a presence on Pinterest due to legal risk, adopting interactive Pin It buttons alongside product can give potential customers easy referencing and […]

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