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The 5 Step Guide To Using Social Media in Crisis Management

One of the benefits of social media is undoubtedly its immediacy and its timeliness. It gives the user a way to be present with their audience in almost any situation, sharing continuous information from wherever they are and enjoying ongoing discussions that can’t always be limited to a contained period. It is this very reason […]

The Ultimate Guide to Using Images in Social Media

We usually digest visual information better than text-based content. We can make use of this when optimizing our social media marketing campaigns to give ourselves an edge over competitors who push out written content via social media. When it comes to social media, there is no denying the fact that the images we use in […]

10 Facebook Contests that Captured 10,000 Emails

Growing up, Faith’s willpower was constantly tested by an overbearing family. She always had more responsibilities than she could handle. Faith, now 35, used this willpower she developed during her childhood to venture out and start her own business. Faced with no starting capital, not a lot of time, and limited energy, Faith eagerly looked for […]

How to Get Your Blog Post Shared 1000 Times

On our site over at we get a lot of shares on our articles so we have put together this infographic which shows the tools and process we follow to get so many shares. We hope you find it useful.   Courtesy of: RazorSocial Facebook Apps,Social Media Consultants, Social Media Software

5 Ways to Curate Content for Your Content Marketing

For today’s marketer, it is well known that only sharing your own content is not sufficient. Potential customers want to feel that you can provide them with valuable content, regardless of the source. Content curation, namely the strategy of disseminating valuable content from an outside source to your community – in this case, your social […]

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