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Pinterest For Business: Don’t Let Pinterest Pin You To the Wall

Pinterest offers a unique platform to business – a way to organically promote products while adding a personal touch through the creation of storyboard to support brand mission. Originally used by individuals as a way to discover and share items of interest, brands discovered a platform rich in active consumers and influencers. Pinterest has 4x […]

3 Ways to Optimize Social Media Posts For More Clicks

This guest post is brought to you by BoostSuite, the easiest way to build more website traffic and get more marketing conversions. If you’re managing your company’s social media marketing, sometimes it can feel like your posts are falling into a black abyss, never to be seen or interacted with by your target market. You […]

Facebook News Feed Algorithm Changes…Again

Hold on to your hats, folks. Facebook issued News Feed algorithm changes again and community managers everywhere are fighting the urge to melt their faces off. The previous Facebook algorithm change, which rolled-out a couple of months ago, responds to activity across your News Feed, including friends and brand interactions. Community managers hustled Facebook Insights to optimize […]

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